No, there is no need to reduce the number of car lanes

Tallinn’s cycling strategy does not call for a reduction in the number of vehicular lanes on roadways. This website is a call for politicians and voters to adhere to the Tallinn Bicycle Strategy — this is a detailed, long-term plan for the city of Tallinn which has been drawn up by Estonia’s top urban planning and mobility experts.

Well-designed bike paths would lead to improved vehicular traffic flows as well. Politicians are being called to adhere to the Tallinn Bicycle Strategy 2018-2028 (link in Estonian), which does not include a requirement to reclaim any lanes from vehicular traffic. Voters are being called to demand clear answers and concrete commitments from politicians regarding starting to improve road safety as well as promoting bike traffic.

The key and foundation to everything is the construction of a cycle network in accordance with the Tallinn Bicycle Strategy by 2028, ensuring that international best practices are adhered to in the construction of the city’s bike paths.