Dear voter,

People and businesses alike are invited to post on social media using the hashtag #BiketheVoteTallinn and #RattagaValima to highlight candidates from all parties that are interested in transforming Tallinn into a safe city for daily cycling. 

Listed below are candidates that have pledged to work toward the implementation of the Tallinn Bicycle Strategy, the establishment of a bike share system and the building of bike storage. The goal is to transform Tallinn into a peaceful, safe and human-centric city with a Nordic traffic culture — where it is safe for everyone to move and daily cycling is the norm — by 2028.

This page is a cross-party site, where, in order to avoid the undue promotion of any particular candidate or political party, candidates’ names will be listed in alphabetical order according to city district.

After the elections? Will politicians build bike paths?

Following the local elections, we will continue to monitor elected officials’ fulfillment of campaign promises and regularly request updates regarding their efforts. Sign up for our semimonthly newsletter to stay up to date on this issue!


Listed below are politicians who have pledged to vote to ensure that Tallinn’s annual municipal budget includes a dedicated budget line to cover investments necessary for the implementation of the Tallinn Bicycle Strategy 2018-2028, with cycle tracks designed in adherence to international best practices.

Haabersti District (Electoral District No. 1)
  • Lembit Kolk, Reform Party
  • Hans-Kaarel Laes, Reform Party
  • Alina Lerner, Estonian Greens
  • Kristen Michal, Reform Party
  • Tõnu Peit, Reform Party
  • Sander Sildvee, Estonian Greens
  • Olev-Andres Tinn, Estonian Greens
  • Martin Tuulik, Reform Party
  • Vladislav Veližanin, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Johannes Vergi, Eesti 200

Kesklinn District (Electoral District No. 2)
  • Sander Andla, Reform Party
  • Artjom Dmitrijev, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Ivi Eenmaa, Reform Party
  • Maris Hellrand, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Joosep Jürgenson, Estonian Greens
  • Riina Kallas, Estonian Greens
  • Juhan Kangilaski, Reform Party
  • Ivo Kappet, Eesti 200
  • Toomas Kruusimägi, Reform Party
  • Kätlin Kuldmaa, Isamaa
  • Kadi Kärner, Eesti 200
  • Aleksander Laane, Estonian Greens
  • Marju Leets-Kõiv, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Mona-Liisa Lille, Estonian Greens
  • Hanno Matto, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Anette Mäletjärv, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Otto Karl Närska, Reform Party
  • Kaarel Peetersoo, Estonian Greens
  • Tuula Raidna, Estonian Greens
  • Marek Reinaas, Eesti 200
  • Dmitri Teras, Estonian Greens
  • Siim Tuisk, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Karolina Ebba Anna Ullman, Eesti 200

Kristiine District (Electoral District No. 3)
  • Anna Baškirova, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Merike Kaljumäe, Reform Party
  • Liis Klaar, Reform Party
  • Pirko Konsa, Eesti 200
  • Leho Kraav, Reform Party
  • Toomas Kutser, Eesti 200
  • Kadri Kõusaar, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Hanah Lahe, Reform Party
  • Joonas Laks, Estonian Greens
  • Ann Lind-Liiberg, Estonian Greens
  • Maris Sild, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Kristo Enn Vaga, Reform Party

Lasnamäe District (Electoral District No. 4)
  • Janne Kaju, Estonian Greens
  • Meos Holger Kiik, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Peter-Christian Kivistik, Reform Party
  • Natalja Lakatoš, Reform Party
  • Miko Merelaht, Reform Party
  • Marek Oras, Reform Party
  • Aleksander Pototski, Estonian Greens
  • Timur Sagitov, Estonian Greens
  • Pavel Starkov, Eesti 200
  • Vladimir Svet, Centre Party
  • Kristina Šmigun-Vähi, Reform Party
  • Helle Ly Tomberg, Estonian Greens

Mustamäe District (Electoral District No. 5)
  • Dmitri Denissov, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Aleksei Jašin, Eesti 200
  • Kuno Järv, Reform Party
  • Katrin Jõgisaar, Estonian Greens
  • Marek Karm, Eesti 200
  • Toomas Kärk, Reform Party
  • Aare Kärner, Reform Party
  • Anto Liivat, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Mari-Anne Meister, Reform Party
  • Egle Olesk, Estonian Greens
  • Õnne Pillak, Reform Party
  • Merli Reidolf, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • James Daniel Rock, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Andres Sutt, Reform Party
  • Gerd Tarand, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Hendrik Johannes Terras, Eesti 200
  • Ivi Ubei-Kon, Reform Party
  • Anu Wagar, Reform Party

Nõmme District (Electoral District No. 6)

  • Piret Dahl, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Jevgeni Garmash, Isamaa
  • Janek Jõgisaar, Estonian Greens
  • Madli Karjatse, Estonian Greens
  • Urve Madar, Estonian Greens
  • Eero Merilind, Reform Party
  • Doris Raudsepp, Reform Party
  • Gaspar Šabad, Reform Party
  • Helina Tilk, Estonian Greens
  • Külli Urb, Estonian Social Democratic Party

Pirita District (Electoral District No. 7)

  • Arvo Anderson, Reform Party
  • Annaliisa Asveit, Estonian Greens
  • Kristofer Robin Kirsiste, Reform Party
  • Marko Müürisepp, Isamaa
  • Lea Nilson, Isamaa
  • Kaupo Nõlvak, Reform Party
  • Hardi Potter, Reform Party
  • Ülle Rajasalu, Reform Party
  • Piret Räni, Estonian Greens
  • Kristo Siig, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Erik Vest, Eesti 200

Põhja-Tallinn District (Electoral District No. 8)
  • Henrik Aavik, Isamaa
  • Yoko Alender, Reform Party
  • Andres Aro, Reform Party
  • Liina Freivald, Estonian Greens
  • Züleyxa Izmailova,  Estonian Greens
  • Jaak Juske, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Raimond Kaljulaid, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Kristel Kranich, Reform Party
  • Tuuli Laats Røsberg, Isamaa
  • Rasmus Lahtvee, Estonian Greens
  • Ionel Lehari, Estonian Greens
  • Jana Levitina, Estonian Greens
  • Hannes Liitmäe, Estonian Greens
  • Aleksandr Maier, Eesti 200
  • Natalie Mets, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Peeter-Eerik Ots, Eesti 200
  • Karin Paulus, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Õnne Paulus, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Pärtel-Peeter Pere, Reform Party
  • Jekaterina Prihodko, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Signe Riisalo, Reform Party
  • Mati Raidma, Reform Party
  • Margot Roose, Eesti 200
  • Fideelia-Signe Roots, Estonian Greens
  • Risko Sepp, Estonian Social Democratic Party
  • Gerol Silkin, Reform Party
  • Liina Sirel, Estonian Greens
  • Mihkel Tiganik, Estonian Greens
  • Artjom Trohhatšev, Eesti 200
  • Vootele Vaher, Estonian Greens
  • Joosep Vimm, Estonian Social Democratic Party

Didn’t see a candidate listed here that you had hoped to see? Contact them and call on them to pledge their support!